Benefits of the Dispatch Newsletter.   


The realization of a dream often comes to fruition when done in collaboration. The Dispatch is precisely that - an invitation to join a greater collective, full access to all happenings at the shop at SWAE and the brand at large. So let's discuss some of those benefits. 


Patch Program.


All new Dispatch members are entitled to a free set of Patches. These enamel badges present the first collector set from SWAE. With each new line of apparel released from SWAE, an adhesive section is built in - so you'll have no shortage of places to put them.


First Friday Discount Program. 


The first Friday of every month will come with a limited-time discount to members of the Dispatch only. As SWAE has no intentions of any other form of retail sales, this is your express chance to grab the latest lines from SWAE. 

Curiosity Rewarded



Full access. 


As new projects, adventures, or clothing lines are released, this will be the best way to stay up to date on all things SWAE. Operating as a skunkworks, we may take months or years to develop projects, and the Dispatch is the only way to get a peak behind that curtain. 


Tickets for those willing to dig deeper. 


Part of the mission here at SWAE is to chase our dreams and help others pursue theirs. At times this will take the form of unique sweepstakes. Sometimes simply being on the Dispatch email subscriber list will automatically enter you (should you opt-in). Other times this will tip you off in a scavenger hunt of sorts. Regardless, you are primed to be first in line by being a part of this group. 


A community of dreamers. 


Chasing a dream is hard. A support base to help build in small steps can be the difference between achievement and another lost dream. As the community grows, the Dispatch will anchor all who work together to achieve the dream. By setting up discord channels and creating communication inroads, we hope to exemplify members of this community who are actively pursuing their dreams.  

Featured Fits:

Trevin, Tyfini and Coalton are pictured in the shop wearing the iconic Black Ouroboros Tee and signature Black Logo Hoodie respectively. 


Zuumy sports the black Ouroboros tee as well, standing in a barren landscape next to a breathtaking purple McLaren. 


A model is seen here wearing the SWAE x Patrol Parka with the Black Patch set affixed to the jacket's shoulder. A free benefit offered to those who join the Dispatch.  

Black Logo Hoodie - $95

Black Ouroboros Tee - $65


Patrol Parka - $750



Patches - $10