"Truth, like gold, is to be obtained not by its growth but by washing away from it all that is not gold."
– Leo Tolstoy

Gold Carbon Fiber Lamborghini Huracán.

While it may not be all that glitters, there is something about gold. An immediate statement often consuming our entire focus. For SWAE's sophomore outing, it was necessary to go big. They had to do something unique and impactful to keep their upward trajectory. This time the pursuit would draw them into the ecstasy of gold.

GoldRush - a supercar rally incorporating around 100 individuals and businesses racing supercars across the country. Only advertising the luxurious stops along the whirlwind trip and keeping the route a secret till the morning after. Behind the wheel of a McLaren, a Lamborghini, or a Ferrari, the engine blaring at close to 150mph, is a speed demon's dream. Side by side with some of the world's best drivers (no, really, Kurt Busch was there) and some of the biggest celebrities and athletes in the world, this is the premier North American rally.

Members of SWAE had long circled this rally as something they had to do. A dream manifested by witnessing the rally a year prior speeding through their peaceful corner of Montana.

SWAE collaborated with 1016 Industries to realize the ultimate goldRush vehicle with the SWAE facility nine months out. The SWAE Huracan transformed into an amalgamation of carbon fiber, resin, and pure gold. This car glimmered in the sun from miles off with genuine gold strands woven into the carbon fiber. A VF tune to amplify the horsepower and 6 inches added on, creating a signature widebody. Suspension airbags deploying from the rear tires allow this car to hover less than an inch off the ground when in park. A show-stopper piece to epitomize the goldRush rally and thier dreams imprinted in gold.

Embodiment Of Exhilaration .

The music begins to pace into a crescendo as a voice echoes over the room, rhythmically commanding "breath in, breath out." Just as the music peaks, a gasp falls over the crowd at Classic Car Club Manhattan as the lights shoot up. A tempered amalgamation of steel, fiberglass, and actual gold woven into a show-stopping centerpiece. The SWAE gold Lamborghini Huracan revealed. The photo flashes fly, and photographers scramble to find that perfect angle. Finally, Trevin Hermosillo emerges from the driver's seat, ready to introduce the latest addition to the SWAE fleet.

Flashback to a day prior, this beautiful car is brought in via truck to the garage under the Lotte Palace Hotel in New York City. The response to a challenge to create the preeminent goldRush fixture, dreamt up by SWAE and brought to life by 1016 Industries. Finally, now being wheeled to its final destination and the start of its first great adventure.

Over the whirlwind that would follow, Aurum would overcome and meet some extraordinary challenges for any car, even a supercar. 2021 was a cicada year, and the vents on the front reflected that as they flew through the Appalachian Mountains. The diligent goldRush crew kept our Huracan shining all nine days, undaunted by the pint-sized passengers.

Sustaining these high speeds took Aurum's engine and transmission to their capacity as they rallied like a racecar for multiple days in a row. Then, the Tail of the Dragon tested the suspension by doing 636 switchbacks down that legendary stretch of road in Tennessee and back. The engine's roar echoed off the hillsides as they flew down the Great Smoky Mountains. Though it took the golden Huracan to the limit, the vehicle responded in kind, guiding them gently through the violent curves.

On top of the nine days of rallying, two race days put the car into contention with some of the fastest vehicles. Atlanta Motor Speedway played host to a race that included every car in the rally. Thanks to some very competitive racing from SWAE's designated driver, they could separate from the pack. The race's final days pitted them against Hennessey Motorsports 1600hp trucks that absolutely leveled all the supercars in competition. The payoff was that the loser donated to charity, so they took the loss with pride.

After nine days of pushing this golden beast to its limits, it was time for some rest, relaxation, and recharging. This monster of aesthetic beauty and vehicular performance required a reset as we had experienced firsthand what one of these non-stop tour de forces can do to any car. As we parted ways the last morning in Dallas, the days that at times had blended together began to canonize in our minds. We realized the incredible magnitude of the things we had experienced from behind the wheel of the world's only gold Lamborghini Huracan.

Patches Made To Match.

Statements can be made in silence. Designed as an entry point to the SWAE patch series, the Logo Patch Set includes a 3.5 in x 2 in Logo Patch and a 3.5 in by .5 in Snake Patch. This version, designed in classic gold and black, is a statement to the world about the power of dreams.

The Finely Tuned Details.

Spinning Gold.

That's no wrap. The SWAE Aurum Lamborghini Huracan's body kit is composed of actual gold. Carbon fiber was woven with strands of pure gold before being implemented into the resin process to solidify the material. One of a kind and an eye-catcher wherever it goes, this car's body can't be matched. What a treasure

Performance Heard for Miles.

Equipped with a VF supercharged tune, this monster can fly down a highway faster than any vehicle has a right to. The boost to horsepower from the stock 630hp puts this V10 engine into the 800hp range giving it an unequaled roar upon startup.

Riding On Air.

The SWAE Aurum Huracan comes with a unique Airlift Airbag suspension system. A small bag on the wheel frames pressurizes upon startup, lifting the car's wheels a few inches off the ground and giving it the clearance needed for take-off.

Aurum Specs:

VF Supercharger/Tune.

1016 Valveless Exhaust.

Airlift Airbag Suspension.

Custom SWAE wheels by 1016 Industries.

Clear Air Tank Lid With SWAE Engraved Backlighting

Custom Carbon Steering Wheel