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SWAE x OTTE Patrol Parka

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Keeping the elements at bay. The SWAE x OTTE Patrol Parka is a unique shell utilizing the latest in patented technology to insulate effectively. Advancements of the past, inspiring technical revolutions in the present, we build on the legacies of those who have come before.   ⁠⁠


Humanity has long waged war on the elements through sartorial innovation. Outerwear that is waterproof yet air-permeable is a tall order now, let alone for our ancient ancestors. The Inuit looked to nature, using the intestines of whales and seals to protect themselves from the cold. As the practice of chemistry developed, so did its application to clothing. In the 19th century, Charles Macintosh patented a means to bind together rubber dissolved in naphtha to create his namesake jacket - a garment that still protects the backs of fashion-forward Londoners to this day.


The Patrol Parka builds on these innovations. With 3-LAYER eVent® FABRIC, this jacket is breathable while also shielding you from rain and moisture. Featuring adjustable cuffs, elastic drawstrings at the hood, and tailored to allow a comfortable yet protective fit, the Patrol Parka is battle-tested and adventure-ready. A brushed microfleece chin guard keeps your skin comfortable no matter how long the journey. Designed with NIR-compliant tech to offset natural radiation levels. Finally, utilizing patented Direct Diffusion™ Technology that is chemical, fire, and water-resistant. 


  • 3-LAYER eVent® FABRIC
  • NIR-compliant
  • Adjustable cuffs, elastic drawstrings
  • Direct Diffusion™ Technology - water and fire-resistant 
  • Pit Zips for added ventilation 
  • YKK® Aquaguard zippers.


A Dream Company.

Roots run deepest in the vast wilderness of Montana, accessible only to those who know the roads like the back of weathered hands. SWAE engineers technically superior apparel and autos to get you there faster, easier, and more elegantly than anyone else.

Sourcing the best materials, producers, technicians, and collaborators requires a commitment to excellence in every form. Not a thread out of place, a bolt left unchecked, or trail left unmapped. That’s how you achieve results worth dreaming about.

Operating under an edict to chase dreams at any cost, SWAE seeks out ventures others have foregone in an attempt to make them a reality. Each project is driven by a belief that dreams are the foundation of every adventure, and that adventure is the root of innovation.

SWAE is an adventure company, an automotive company, an innovation company, a garment company, and above all else, A Dream Company.

SWAE Logo Capsule.

A seminal release explicitly designed to showcase the elegant consideration within the SWAE logo. Centered around a deep exploration of materials and processes, The SWAE Logo Capsule is defined by statement graphics and subtle details. This collection was approached as a proof of concept, bringing to life apparel seen only in dreams. While it stands as an achievement of a vision, it’s also understood that there are greater things on the horizon.