Today's society is faced with a perplexing problem. The world today isn't conducive to the dreamer. We traded our passions for side hustles. We are advised to abandon the challenging path and stick to the easy road. "Why even try?” creeps into our minds far too often. A trickle of doubt turns into a downpour telling us we aren't able. That someone somewhere else has already tried. That our best option is to stay in line, pull the status quo.

What's To Be Done?

SWAE is a dream company operating under the premise that only one thing can change the world - The Return Of Dreams. We are a group of abstract thinkers, adventure seekers, innovators, cultural curators, and believers coming together to remind others to reach for the impossible. We believe everyone should pursue their dreams. This is how we chase ours.

Accept these free patches as a token of our gratitude, and display them as a show of faith in The Return of Dreams. In exchange, we’ll continue to bring you behind-the-scenes access, exclusive products and giveaways, and a first look at our latest innovations and inspirations.