The Return of Dreams.

SWAE was just a dream when we launched in late 2020. Originally conceived as a research and development facility exploring the unconventional application of new technologies, it has grown to include so much more. 

It is first and foremost a collection of creative minds in search of something new. Over the past three years, we have hunkered down in Northwest Montana conspiring to make our dent in the universe. Like many, we faced the relentless barrage of a new world order defined by uncertainty and insecurity. It consumed our time, our peace, and our will to carry on. Then we would step outside, take a look at the natural wonders that define our state, and know there had to be more.

In finding it, we explored the liminal spaces between the known and unknown. We leveraged the wilderness, its challenges and beauty, to guide our inspiration. We experimented with new tools and technologies to uncover additional ideas and methods of discovery. We failed and we succeeded. We never stopped believing.

Our hope was to uncover a cure for the cultural doldrums plaguing the world: A loss of hope, inspiration, and ingenuity. We discovered that while changing the world is difficult, it doesn’t have to be complicated. In pursuing our passions, we stumbled upon something we knew all along - that the distance between inspiration and ambition is a simple leap of faith.

Our initial offering, designated The Return of Dreams, embodies that belief. In the coming months we will be releasing a book, product collection, and special collaborations. They are a wager that there are others out there exhausted by doom scrolling and double tapping. You desire something with enduring value and deeper meaning. Something that inspires a community rather than feeds a culture. We’ve taken an intentionally secretive approach to the development of these innovative projects and apparel, hoping that people can still recognize superior craft and production when they see it. These are concepts crafted to carry out our dream while supporting you in yours.  

We present both with a simple directive: Begin With A Dream.

The SWAE Dispatch.

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