Sometimes, it's the challenge of a thing that inspires action. The goal is to surmount the obstacle. Can it be done? Let's find out. The difficulty is what pushes us to take action. One afternoon at the end of another work day, the SWAE team endeavored just such a challenge.


The Moose. The loving nickname bestowed upon our 1995 Hummer - looking like it rolled straight out of an 80’s Stallone action film and into the SWAE garage. Tow hooks are set on the top of the frame, ready to airlift this beast into remote destinations. As the crew's work day ended, a cruise up the mountain in this Goliath sounded like a reprieve from the week's constraints.


This mountain, in particular, isn't advisable for such a large profile vehicle. The Moose is, of course, ready for whatever the trail could throw at it, but its width would be called into question on some of the more narrow roads. However, game for a challenge, the team headed out. 


But before it could even roll out of the garage a new problem presented itself. A transmission cooler line blew. It seemed the journey was cursed from the get-go, but luckily with enough collective automotive knowledge, the team got to work fixing the problem. Within half an hour, the line was spliced and reset. Undeterred, the crew set off again to see what the world looked like from high atop the ridge line. 

Floating Over the Edge 


About an hour later, the team was scaling ever higher up the mountain's harsh face on a road generally reserved for ATVs, not Rambo's ride. A gutting silence took hold as the Moose rumbled up the steep passage to the top of the road getting narrower and narrower with each passing foot. A look out the passenger side window revealed a drop of hundreds of feet, and a one-way ticket to the morgue. The wheels creeped out over the precipice. Colton broke  the silence, "we're gonna die," he muttered.


Signs of relief broke out as the road widened, the top finally in sight, just as the sun was setting. The view was immaculate as the team climbed out of the beast. The sun set quietly over the horizon, illuminating the peaceful valley far below, and the towering mountains in the distance. With the fall colors setting in, the majesty of Montana never ceases to amaze. Finally, the night began to creep in, marking the time to climb back in and take the trail down, only this time, in the dark of night. Chasing sunsets is often the sport of the fearless. 

Featured Fits:

Trevin wearing the SWAE x OTTE shell jacket. Additionally, he has our signature black patch set affixed to the jacket's velcro shoulder. 


Colton can be seen sporting our signature hoodie with the SWAE emblem emblazoned across the back. 



Patrol Parka - $750




Black Logo Hoodie - $95



Patches - $10