It's All About Community.

We could gush over the day's events endlessly, but there is one resounding takeaway - the attendees of SWAE Day were the stars of the show. This entry is dedicated to those who shared in the revelry. Yes, looking at a one-of-a-kind supercar is incredible, but without the people, they are just machines. We want to thank you all for being the most respectful and incredible guests at the SWAE compound. So while we decompress and move on to the busy days ahead, a smile comes to our faces as we recall the moments shared on SWAE Day 2022: The Return of Dreams. 


Catharsis takes hold after a significant event. Months of planning and preparation go by in a flash. The significance canonizes into nostalgia. That’s what the SWAE team is feeling right now... a deep sense of relief and deep exhalation. Though some discussion begins, how can we improve the next SWAE Day?