September 25th, 2021, was a milestone day for SWAE. It was the inaugural SWAE Day event, a bridge between the local community and a blossoming company taking on projects this part of the country rarely sees. It was the first official day of operations for the SWAE facility, a building that had been eagerly anticipated. September 25th, 2021, was also the formal launch of the SWAE apparel line, and we couldn't wait for people to see what we'd been working on.


The first order of business was to build-out a SWAE pop-up shop within the facility. With no plans to build a permanent retail experience anytime soon, the creative team got to work creating a custom experience exclusively for the SWAE Day 2021 patrons. Lamborghini engraved rims lined the back walls. Steel-based art displayed recent SWAE projects such as the AURUM gold Huracan and the Boston Dynamics Spot Dog. Cherrywood hangers were burned with the SWAE wordmark and hung on hand-built steel racks. It was a unique store experience for those who came out that day, and one that will never exist again.

Dreaming of a Legacy 


Lining the racks and shelves was the culmination of months of work from the SWAE team. From the concept, to the design of the signature graphics, to the hand printing and hand folding of every piece, this labor of love was finally on full display. Stickers and patches lined the front desk for the eager hands of the kids wandering in to see what other surprises this exciting building had in store. 


A line of patrons soon extended across the store. Children raced in and out of the racks scanning for a glimpse of what was around the next corner. But, while the desire to take home a piece of merchandise was there, sticker shock hit many with the force of a Lamborghini. 


All our shirts are made exclusively from Supima cotton, a superior type of cotton grown only in the USA. Representing less than 1% of cotton grown in the world, what makes Supima unique is the extra-long staple fiber measuring 1.5 inches vs. 1 inch for regular cotton. It weaves cotton that is stronger and softer than any other. Used by the top fashion brands in the world, Supima cotton resists pulling, breaking, and pilling, creating a longer-lasting and more luxurious product.


In addition to superior materials, our production process is also top of the line, pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in screen printing and garment decoration. From multiple unique placements to experimental inks and layering, every step of the process is an exploration of the impossible. Our goal is to create garments that our customers can treasure for years to come - blending the definitions of art and apparel into a single execution.


Now the entire line is available at the SWAE online store. Featuring our initial run of custom clothing pieces. The Ouroborus Tee, the Patrol Parka, The Logo Tee, and Hoodie. While these pieces are just the start, they begin a long line of apparel offerings that SWAE rolls out each quarter.


Our apparel is a source of great pride for the SWAE team. While many garage and vehicle projects take the grandstand, the luxury class level of clothing sets SWAE apart. Of course, we fully accept that we'll never produce supercar class vehicles from scratch to rival Lamborghini or Ferrari. Still, we do intend to climb the ladder of luxury clothing and produce garments that rival those of European fashion houses. Although this lofty dream of one day matching the likes of Burberry (est. 1856) and Louis Vuitton (est. 1854) might be difficult or even impossible, SWAE (est. 2021) is, if nothing else, a dream company