For the love of speed. Something happens when a person pushes the pedal to the floor on a V12 engine. As your shoulders are forced back into the seat, the road begins to open up in a way you never thought possible. The sound is indescribable and unforgettable. Sheer violence contained under the hood pushes the driver forward at maximum velocity. This is how we chase our dreams. 


The SWAE fleet is made up of vehicles for all adventures and pursuits. Some are pure speed, designed for the rush of driving an actual race car. A prime example is the McLaren 720s. Known as PISTRIS in the SWAE Garage, our custom McLaren was born from the vision twin project with 1016 Industries. Robert Melville, the lead designer at McLaren Motors, conceived this iconic vehicle to resemble the sleek curves of the great white shark. When looking at the silhouette, especially on the vehicle's fender, you can see the resemblance of the ocean's greatest predator take shape.  

Dream Chasers


Another oddity in the SWAE fleet is the hulking 1995 Hummer dubbed "The Moose." Fitted with tow hooks on top of the car's frame to airlift it into the most remote parts of the jungle and topping out at around 55 miles per hour, The Moose is ideal for heading places cars aren’t supposed to be. Sometimes chasing a dream has less to do with speed than determination and clearance. 


The Rolls Royce is the ultimate sign of class. A massive wagon boasting a V12 engine, this car is perfectly capable of high speeds when needed. The interior is rich leather with a starry ceiling resembling a limousine. The door handles read NOBLE when opened. You've never felt more like 007 than climbing out of this graceful machine. The entire car is wrapped in a custom embossed pattern brought to life by our friend, artist and fellow dreamer Jake Bertelsen of Bertelsen Tattoo. A gray satin wrap with some secrets embedded under the surface. Definitely worth a closer look.  


The black Lamborghini EVO. This is the preeminent Lamborghini with the specs to prove why this might be the most desired car on the planet. With an acceleration of 60mph in 2.9 seconds, this is the Lamborghini experience you've been dreaming about. Believe it or not, this is one of the workhorses of the fleet, making frequent appearances on the roads around the Flathead Valley, turning heads everywhere it goes.


These are just a few of the SWAE fleet vehicles that will be on exhibit come SWAE Day. Stop by to see what dreams are made of, and take your picture next to these one-of-a-kind autos.