When we look back at past generations, we mark them by their defining scientific achievements. Advancements brought humanity out of the mud and into the stars, from the wheel to the lightbulb. But, this begs the question, how will future generations measure our achievements?


It's hard to say if Charles Hull had any idea of the impact he might have when he patented the first 3D printing device in 1984. Most companies weren't willing to spend any money to help produce the initial prototype - they couldn't fathom it having any commercial applications, looking at it as more of a gimmick than an innovation 


However, almost 40 years later, we can see the ability to manufacture anything, at any specifications needed, as having nearly limitless applications. Additive manufacturing is poised to change the world from complicated airplane components, parts for supercars, or even functional human bladders. As efficiency increases, costs go down, and the possibilities for use in mass production rise. As a result, we will see a massive jump in personal manufacturing in our lifetimes, revolutionizing the way companies and individuals create products. 

Limitless Potential 


At SWAE, we carry on a small part of that legacy with the SWAE Industries 3D printing program. With the ability to manufacture with materials such as metals, ABS filaments, or even copper - if you can dream it, we can create it. So many unique additions to our one-of-a-kind supercars have come hot off the Markforged and Modix 3D printer beds in the back. 


Multiple parts of the FF Coupe mod codenamed SERPENS were 3D printed in the back. In addition, louvers adorning the rear exterior of the vehicle were made using the Modix large format printer. Hubcaps bearing the SWAE emblem set on the wheels also came from our powerful and capable MarkForged printers. 


The largest 3D printed project SWAE has ever undertaken was the reskinning of the SPOT dog from Boston Dynamics. This transformation into the ARGOS was a struggle but ultimately a great triumph. The effort took all hands from the months-long rendering process to the weeks of final testing. The final prototype failed catastrophically, but due to the imaginative work of some of the staff here at SWAE, ARGOS was ready for the start line of goldRush 2022 a few days later.



So if you are interested in fulfilling your 3D printing dreams, follow this link to our SWAE Industries page. What follows is a brief outline of the materials we print on and an overview of the printers we utilize. With contact information available for pricing and more specifications for whatever your print job may entail.