As summer rolls into the Valley, camping is an integral part of the season. Light showers are not enough to deter those pursuing what the night may bring and dreams hatched under the big sky. Preparation is a big part of the pursuit and knowing the night's temperature drop is on the docket, the hoodie comes on. 


Made from 100% ELS cotton, the snug fit is enough to keep you warm while keeping the elements at bay and preparing the night's fire. Foraging into the underbrush can get messy, so it's good that this hoodie comes in black - a match for any other piece in your wardrobe and perfect for things getting a little western.


Building a fire is as much an art form as assembling the components of a supercar or engineering the world's most comfortable hoodie. The three main components for the perfect fire are fuel, spark, and oxygen. 


First, you'll need fuel - a treasure hunt gathering sticks and twigs begins across the hillside. Even the most fantastic fires start from the smallest elements. From sticks as small as a pinky, to the massive stump, once this thing is ablaze you'll need the full array to keep it roaring.  


Next, you'll need a spark, that all-important catalyst. For the SWAE team, that's a Ferro rod and knife. For others, simply a lighter. To each their own. At SWAE, there is a passion for the process of sparking fires the old-fashioned way. An ode to generations past who labored hours with a bow drill, earning them that night's hot meal. 



Campfire Dreams 




Lastly, you'll need oxygen. Everything needs space, and a fire is no different. Gentle blowing on the sparks begins to ignite those tiny flames until they can breathe on their own. This process requires just the right amount of effort - blow too hard, and you'll put out this baby fire. Not enough, and the flames will never catch. 


Finally, as the sparks start to take, and the kindling finally gets enough warmth to ignite, eyes begin to look skyward. The payoff comes from the process, but you never have to compromise on comfort. So here's to the summer nights, the fires, the conversations, and most of all, the dreams gazing at the endless night‘s sky.