Specialty Equipment Market Association - SEMA. What started as a small trade show in the basement of Dodgers Stadium in LA in 1967, is now one of the largest annual events on the Las Vegas calendar. That first SEMA 59 years ago attracted around 3,000 attendees, had five cars on display, and 98 vendor booths. Flash forward to 2022, boasting 2,000 vehicles, 1,800 vendors, and a staggering 135,000 attendees. To put that in perspective, if SEMA were to be held in Montana, in a barren field, it would be the most populous place in the state for the length of the event. So let's discuss the largest aftermarket car event in North America, and what SWAE got up to while attending this meeting of the automotive-minded. 


Originally dubbed the Speed Equipment Market Association (SEMA), founded in 1963. Now, if you noticed, that was "Speed" Equipment, not "Speciality" Equipment as it is today. In the 1970s, the American legislature started restricting aftermarket modifications and implementing national speeding laws. It was in part a response to the oil crisis of the mid-'70s - a national speed limit of 55 mph was set to conserve gas. With the politics of the times restricting automotive enthusiasts, the show wanted to distance itself from being branded as "speed" based. 


As the show expanded in the mid-1970s and the number of vendors increased, it started to outgrow its original venue. After a short stint in Anaheim across from Disneyland, they uprooted to the desert. Since 1976 SEMA has been the world's most prominent automotive expo for vendors and buyers operating out of fabulous Las Vegas, Nevada. Taking over a million square feet of showroom floor (and growing), the list of what can be seen at this groundbreaking event never ceases to amaze. SEMA is a can't miss event for anyone in the automotive industry. With the latest in technology, one-of-a-kind vehicles, and a track showing the capabilities of these vehicles in action, it's no surprise SWAE has attended every year since our inception.

What Happens at SEMA 


The Hermosillo brothers landed in Sin City this past November to represent the brand and see what automotive boundaries were being pushed at SEMA 2022. Networking and business deals were the theme of the visit, but seeing the smiling face of a friend is always welcome. The cars and the people who brought them are always exceptional. Late nights were spent discussing the future of vehicles and early mornings meeting vendors covering the latest in new paints, car tech, and ongoing trends for vehicles, both new and old. 


From hot rods to supercars, offroaders to the drift scene imports hot off the streets of Tokyo, this is the mecca. A whirlwind of new information regarding 3D printing, apparel lines, and the ever-present question, "So, what is SWAE?" were in store for the brothers as they made their way across the show. After watching Red Bull drive their cars on the casino floor and drag race down The Strip right in front of the Bellagio fountain, its apparent SEMA had wholly taken over Vegas. 


Across the showroom floor the thunderous roar of a Woolly Mammoth fills the space. Turning around a giant prehistoric beast can be seen looking out over the showroom floor. So real you'd be excused for thinking this beast had been brought back to life just for SEMA (and in a way, it had). Interiors of cars glow with a soft RGB light as music blares from what is the aftermarket sound system section of the show room. At SEMA you never know what's around the next corner. 


This four-day event could go on for a week, and you might only be able to see some of it. But believe us when we say Trevin and Colton sure tried, and the exhaustion was evident by the end of their visit. However, energized with new ideas after speaking with some of the biggest names in the business, multiple flight delays gave the brothers plenty to think about and bring home to the team. Thanks, SEMA - we'll catch you next year. 

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