The conception for the FF build was inspired by an upcoming project on the SWAE timeline - an off-road adventure that is still codeword clearance only. Taking something designed for paved highways and converting it into a radical off-road beast is just the dream SWAE was born to pursue. Let's review some of the features that make the SERPENS project unique. 



The most striking feature is undoubtedly the wrap. Based on a unique pattern created for SWAE by designer William Bahn, the roses and the signature scales of the SWAE ouroboros bring this car to life. The SWAE wrap specialists faced a unique challenge in making sure each panel and wrap piece flowed seamlessly into the next. Yet another example of pushing the limits of what’s possible.


The louvers adorning the rear windows were 3D printed at the SWAE facility. Painstakingly rendered to ensure they fit correctly and create the desired effect, the louvers are a reference to Lamborghini's legendary design language discussed in last week’s Dispatch.


Rock sliders fabricated and welded to the frame are what give the snake its bite. The inserts covering the rock slider's flank were another achievement of the in-house 3D printing team, and were further rigged to display alternating colors depending on the driver’s mood. Completely built in-house, this was a first for the SWAE team but a challenge that will surely be taken on again in the future - this is Montana after all. 


A big shout-out is needed for the RIGID Industries team that hooked SERPENS up with an illuminating addition. A RIGID Industries ADEPT series light bar spearheads the vehicle's hood, allowing perfect visibility in all conditions. A powerful beam leading the team forward and an oddity on any vehicle besides your most rugged offroaders. 


Distinct SWAE logos cover the vehicle in all four directions of the car's exterior. Crafted from steel on SWAE's 3D printers, mark this Ferrari as an SWAE staple.  The SERPENS project was a labor of love. Conceived to allow SWAE to rally with the goldBlooded and give a small sampling of adventures down the road. A vehicle to pursue dreams and a catalyst to inspire others to pursue theirs. Read more about the SERPENS FF in the Project Section and be sure to share your favorite details with lovers of off-roaders and supercars alike.