Symbols have always carried great importance. They help differentiate those who stand with us, and the rest of the crowd. So, for SWAE, putting our emblem on a sticker was one of the first orders of business. While a sticker is just a sticker, this sticker carries something valuable. Letting others know, you walk amongst the bold. 


There is something to be said for having a small piece of something. Especially things that are in their origin. For SWAE, the dream is only beginning, and these stickers are a part of that. A part of the dream that anyone can take with them, and put anywhere. 


For some, it’s on the bumper of their vehicle. For others, it’s placed on a wall or street sign. Across our local community, many people have taken on this brand enthusiastically as their own and plastered our logo across the cities of the Flathead Valley. No matter where you put it, do so proudly. The statement is for those willing to live life a little bolder, a symbol for those brave enough to pursue their dreams.