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Four of our premium high gloss sticker collection. Collect the originals now, and wear them with pride. For some, it’s on the bumper of their vehicle. For others, it’s placed on a wall or street sign. Wherever you decide to put them, know you fly the flag of the dreamers. 


There is something to be said for having small pieces of something. Especially things that are in their origin. For SWAE, the dream is only beginning, and these stickers are a small piece of that. 

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A Dream Company.

Roots run deepest in the vast wilderness of Montana, accessible only to those who know the roads like the back of weathered hands. SWAE engineers technically superior apparel and autos to get you there faster, easier, and more elegantly than anyone else.

Sourcing the best materials, producers, technicians, and collaborators requires a commitment to excellence in every form. Not a thread out of place, a bolt left unchecked, or trail left unmapped. That’s how you achieve results worth dreaming about.

Operating under an edict to chase dreams at any cost, SWAE seeks out ventures others have foregone in an attempt to make them a reality. Each project is driven by a belief that dreams are the foundation of every adventure, and that adventure is the root of innovation.

SWAE is an adventure company, an automotive company, an innovation company, a garment company, and above all else, A Dream Company.

For the Best, By the Best.

SWAE product is conceived and constructed in partnership with 12ozCollective, a legacy creative and product studio also based in Montana’s Flathead Valley. With deep roots in lifestyle fashion and product design, 12ozProphet Collective approached the SWAE Logo Capsule with an intention to push execution to the bleeding edge. While exploring new inks, materials, and means of production it was discovered just how refined a concept can become when translated to a garment.