Under the heat in the Dog Days of summer, the metal contraption begins to take shape - an amalgamation of steel and aluminum inlaid with ventilation. For the untrained eye, it appears to be some metal shed or outhouse just outside the primary shop. For the SWAE team, it is an opportunity incarnate, the birth of our paint booth.


A fabrication shop without a paint booth is a ship without a rudder. We can get going, but we always need a hand getting to the final destination. For the last few years, SWAE has relied on the kindness of neighbors and friends to get our painting needs met. With that expense and time restriction out of the way, the real excitement comes from being able to employ creative ideas to finish the dream projects. 


The shop technicians at SWAE have been undergoing an extensive paint project these last few months and desperately need our paint booth. The job requires multiple rounds of Bondo and repair, followed by primer layers, clear coat, and finally base coat, culminating with another round of sand and polish. The result is an eclectic art piece set to be featured in stores around the world. A process now made much more expedient and less costly by having our booth.  

Layers of Discovery 


The world of paint is always presenting interesting new methods to explore color. One we're excited to begin testing with is thermochromic paints. These paints change according to temperature, so a new design will appear underneath by exposing it to hot water. Something we have yet to see in person, but we can't wait to find a car to design something special for. 


Another product changing the game of paint is LumiLor. This electroluminescent paint produces a soft glow when hit with an electric charge and will apply to almost any surface. This futuristic hue is begging to find its way onto the SWAE fleet. 
While this new structure on the SWAE campus may look like a simple tin shed, for SWAE, it is a gateway. A means by which to explore the new frontiers of paint and finish. What rolls in these doors will consistently be revolutionized and original upon exiting.