Expedition: A journey by a group of people for a specific purpose, to explore a distant place.


Norgay and Hillary's ascent up Everest, Lewis and Clark's hunt for the mythical Northwest Passage, and Darwin's ship-bound journey to the Galapagos. Expeditions have always enchanted the public and bolstered scientific discovery. They are a testament to the constitution of those brave enough to venture into regions unknown and often revolutionize how we perceive the world.


It’s these types of journeys that inspire us here at SWAE. After SWAE Day 2023, a group of friends, travelers, and adventures set out from our facility to test a fleet of Porsche Cayennes, and themselves on the open road on an expedition of their own. 
The customized Porsche Cayenne are facing mechanical tests to see how they fair against a litany of environments. How will they handle northern Alaska's mud or the deserts' scorching heat in southern Utah?  But this particular expedition is more than just a mechanical trial.  

For The Love Of Discovery 


The Expedition is a standing challenge set out by SWAE and VinWiki to inspire others worldwide to seek adventure. Any good expedition takes on new elements as the journey wears on. Darwin could not have known what his discoveries would mean for human advancement when he made landfall and started experiencing the wealth of natural life he encountered on the Galapagos Islands. So, too, are we excited to see what new things we learn upon the participant's return. 


For these reasons, we encourage everyone to seek and explore. Go boldly - even if you're not the first, it will be a first for you. What discoveries will you make about yourself deep in the unknown? We each feel this calling, a deep desire for the world's unknown mystery. Heed the call of the Expedition and begin your adventure.