Screen printing - an art spanning thousands of years that allows practitioners to put any image they can dream up directly onto an object. While typically apparel, this practice can be used with glass, wood, or metal. The screen printing process involves creating a stencil of the desired image and then using that stencil to apply ink to the material being printed on, typically a t-shirt, sweatshirt, or other garments. This can be done by hand or with the help of a machine. Screen printing is often used for mass production as it is a quick and efficient way to print large quantities of the same image. However, it can also be used for smaller, more intricate designs. The screen printing process is relatively simple, but it takes time and practice to perfect.


For SWAE, our apparel arm is facilitated and built out right next door by our friends at 12ozCollective. A creative workshop with years of experience in the field, 12ozCollective uses the best technology in the screen printing industry. As a showcase facility for ROQ, the leading company in screen printing machinery, the resources at 12ozCollective's facility are unmatched in the industry. Capable of putting almost any design imaginable permanently on any apparel, 12oz has worked with numerous brands including Universal Music Group, official apparel licensee of rapper Eminem. 


The exclusive SWAE Day 2022 t-shirt is 100% cotton and screen printed using a discharge process, giving the ink a feel soft to the touch and ensuring that the print will never crack or fade. We'll be printing these shirts live at the event on a first-come, first-serve basis, so make sure to swing by the 12ozCollective shop and pick one up. We'll have a limited number of each size, and they're sure to go fast. 


Using the best screen printing technology available, you have the chance to get a shirt literally hot off the press, with every dime of the proceeds going directly to charity. SWAE and 12ozCollective are committed to ensuring that SWAE Day is a community outreach event in its deepest forms. 

A Day for Dreaming 


The foundation of SWAE Day is a community event inspiring others to chase their dreams. A critical element of this is community involvement and outreach. So many vendors attending SWAE Day come with incredible stories originating here in the Flathead Valley. For example, the local baseball club, The Glacier Range Riders. A smash hit in The Valley since establishing themselves in 2022. The Riders ballpark Flathead Field is situated on a bluff above Highway 93 overlooking the Flathead Mountain Range. This vantage gives breathtaking views at sunset for their home games. The brainchild of a Chris Kelly committed to creating a family-friendly venue and entertainment in the Flathead for years to come.   


Singer Tommy Edwards is an internationally renowned talent featured on the television series The Voice. Originally hailing from Nashville, Tommy has since moved to Bigfork, Montana and become a staple within the community. Since moving to our beautiful corner of Montana, Tommy has instilled himself as an integral part of the Valley’s musical landscape and a champion for local music across the state. Performing various covers and originals, we could not have asked for a better performer to kick off the day. 


SWAE also aims to bring together dreamers from outside the community, reaching out to our friends Jeffery and Christain from JR's Garage. While starting from humble roots, these two young men have risen to the top of the online automotive community with incredible speed. With family ties in the Big Sky state and a passion for dream projects, the brothers are perfect partners for the pursuit.


Another content creator we are looking forward to hosting is Ed Bolian of the popular YouTube channel VinWiki. Having featured our very own Trevin Hermosillo a few times on his famous "CarStories" segment, Ed Bolian is a collector of odd automotive stories ranging from the disastrous to the unbelievable. The team has been long-time viewers of Ed's channel and VinWiki. So befriending him on the goldRush rally and collaborating on various projects has been a dream realized. 


Finally, rounding out our special guests is racer Kyle Raineri. A pro racer in the IMSA Michelin Pilot Challenge and certified member of the Rockwell Autosport, piloting their Audi RS3 LMS. Showing a Hyundai Veloster N TCR on SWAE Day courtesy of CB MotorSports. Kyle is a young man with vast promise in the racing business and beyond. 


These are only a handful of examples of some of the incredible entrepreneurs, content creators, and dreamers attending the day of SWAE. With all this in mind, it would only be fitting to do what we do best and make some signature apparel to commemorate the day and the people that have made the dream possible.