Jetson and SWAE have announced their partnership to bring new innovative products and experiences to market. The first joint project "Jetson Astro", the robot dog, was showcased at the exclusive "PREBBLE" car-show at Ancillary Studios in Los Angeles. 


Jetson Astro was inspired by Astro in "The Jetsons", where he is George's self-appointed best friend. Astro has a flair for dramatics and is not ashamed to cry for attention.


Astro is a custom design by SWAE on the famous Boston Dynamics robot dog “Spot.” A revolution in robotics, Spot was first revealed to the world in 2016. Since then, the industry-leading engineers at Boston Dynamics have continued to push the limits of what's possible for their four-legged friend.


"We imagine that Astro could inspect critical Jetson ONE components such as propeller mounts, do a safety scan before take-off, and ensure that bystanders keep their safety distance.", said Stéphan D’haene, CEO Jetson  

Jetson x SWAE 


SWAE used innovative design, production techniques, and 3D printing to reimagine Spot as a companion to the Jetson ONE. The SWAE team managed to beautifully capture the brand essence and design language of Jetson. Astro can either be fully remote-controlled or set to move around autonomously, and perform pre-defined tasks. 


The Jetson team will now explore several use cases on how Astro can enhance safety during take-off and landing of the Jetson ONE, as well as security and inspection. 


"It is amazing to see how SWAE managed to create the Jetson Astro so it is both functional and beautiful. We are excited to work with SWAE to bring new future Jetson products and customizations to market.", said Rikard Steiber Board Advisor and Investor at Jetson. 


"We are excited to partner with Jetson to bring new innovative products to market. Fantastic to see so many people fall in love with the Jetson flying car and its new companion Astro.", said Trevin Hermosillo, founder at SWAE.


Jetson Astro made a great success today as he met hundreds of sports car enthusiasts at the annual "PREBBLE" car-show at Ancillary Studios in Los Angeles. Expect to see more of both Jetson ONE and Astro soon!