Be a Part of The Dream.

Thanks again for subscribing to The Dispatch. Below is a letter from one of our founders, Trevin Hermosillo, that touches on what inspires our brand, projects, and collaborations.

New friends and followers,

My name is Trevin Hermosillo, founding partner of SWAE along with Coalton Schaefer. From time to time, we’ll be sending out personal updates on what we’ve been up to, where we’ll go next, and special ways for you to get involved.

Our mission is to inspire the relentless pursuit of dreams. We want to bring you along as we learn new skills, gain radical perspectives, and experience things few others ever will. By doing so, we hope to see you grow along with us as you pursue dreams of your own.

The goal of SWAE from the outset was to work with partners and industry leaders to initiate projects previously out of reach. You might be asking yourself, but which industry? What is it you guys work on?

That’s fair. You signed up for answers, specifics about this amorphous company, not more platitudes. We’ll get there, but first, you’ll need some background on what inspired us to start SWAE. You need to understand the process, which for us is just as important as the project itself.

"Our mission is to inspire the relentless pursuit of dreams."

I come from a background in mechanics. My formal training isn’t from a university or technical institute, but instead ten years on the railroad as a diesel mechanic. During those long days on the track, we’d dream up the wildest - occasionally stupid - thing we could do to pass the time.

Coalton's experience is in private venture capital, primarily in the fields of developing technologies and innovations. For those he invested in, he is a dream maker. For those I worked with, I’m an idea generator.

What initially brought us together was a love of cars, but what inspired us to work together was a shared interest in living every day like it was our last. We have each experienced things in our personal lives that made us realize the wonder of the human experience. How lucky are we that we get to experience the thrill of chasing a dream and witness the joy of helping other people achieve theirs? We want others to share in that appreciation as well.

"You can’t catch your dreams without chasing them. "

So, what does SWAE work on? It depends on the day. We got our start in automotive work, and that’s likely why you're here. But, cars are only the tip of the iceberg. As I said, it’s the process, not the project, that is most important. We approach every project with a skunk works mentality, committing 100% to finding the best solution to the problem we are trying to solve.

Whether it’s the construction of an off-road Lamborghini Urus, the exploration of new applications for the Boston Dynamics Spot Dog, or the creation of the perfect shirt, we are all in on executing to the highest level. However, we understand that with experimentation comes the guarantee of failure. We don’t look forward to falling on our face, but know that we have a team of partners, collaborators, and supporters like you to help pick us up.

In the end, we hope to inspire people we work with and those that follow along to dream bigger. Dreams should be something beyond your reach, something you’d need the stars to align for you to achieve. That’s the type of challenge we take on - the reorganization of the stars, the moonshots that pull the tide higher and lift all boats in its wake. You can’t catch your dreams without chasing them. So let’s chase them together.

- Trevin Hermosillo