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Fluorescent Ouroboros Tee

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Twisting and turning like mountain highways, the Ouroboros Tee is a SWAE classic designed with dreamers in mind. Constructed with 6 oz. ELS (Extra Long Staple) American Grown SUPIMA® Cotton. A seven-color back print with reflective shimmer, sleeve print, and subtle chest hit make a statement in silence.


Rich with cryptic and historical meaning, the ouroboros symbolizes rebirth, immortality, eternity, protection, self-reliance, unity, and nature’s cycles. It’s an ancient circular symbol, dating back to 5000 BC, which depicts a snake or dragon eating its tail. Archaeologists discovered the oldest known example of an ouroboros on a jar that is possibly 7,000 years old. It belonged to the neolithic Yangshao People, who lived along the Yellow River in what is now eastern China.


For SWAE, it is a reminder to constantly reinvent and reexamine who we are and what we do. SWAE follows a relentless pursuit to discover new solutions and adventures previously unreachable to the world. But, with each success comes a new opportunity, with each failure a new lesson, and with each idea a new challenge. And so on, and so forth, until the end of time.

  • 6 oz. 100% American Grown SUPIMA® Cotton.
  • Extra Long Staple (ELS) Cotton for color retention and durability.
  • Double-needle stitched neck rib for a  seamless look.
  • Pre-shrunk and treated to ensure minimal shrinkage.